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    Lucile Pinard

    Lacanau, France

    I decided to try the « Australian adventure » when i was just 18 years old. I heard about the Working Holiday visa in Australia and I realized it was a wonderful opportunity. I left France in September 2016 for a year down under. Before I left, my parents were a bit worried about the fact i’ll arrive in a country far away without nothing. So I decided to be an Au Pair at the beginning to improve my english and make some money. I was an Au Pair on the Gold Coast for 2 months and then I worked in a restaurant as a barista in the same city.

    People are so nice in Australia. All my work team helped me even though I was without a really good English, I realized every day how lucky I was ! I stayed 5 months on the Gold Coast, the place that I’m calling now « home », and it is here I met a lot, lot, lot of people from Germany, India, Brazil, UK, Japan… who left their countries like me and who are now my bestfriends.

    After this amazing experience I decided to go on a farm in Esperance, Western Australia where I was working in a Farm Tree and in a bar as barista. It was an amazing experience. I then flew to Melbourne where I visited the Great Ocean Road, and then I crossed all this amazing country by bus from Melbourne to Darwin, visiting Uluru, Alice Springs, Daily Waters and Darwin with lot of young people from all around the world ! When I was in Darwin i was bit short of money so I decided to try the Au Pair experience again because I think it’s the easyiest job to find. I found a family in Sydney, corresponding by email, and then we did a skype. I enjoyed our conversations and so I booked my ticket to Sydney!

    I was an Au Pair for them over 2 months, and looking after 2 kids, 6 and 8 years old. My job was keeping an eye on them, preparing breakfast, driving them at school and activites, helping them with homework and helping parents with different duties. Being an Au Pair is nice when you’re far away from your family because you never feel alone. I spent my birthday in Sydney with them and they did everything to make me feel comfortable and to make me spend an awesome day.

    Being an Au Pair is such an amazing life experience and a really good way to improve your English. You’re part of a family who could be completly different to yours and you’re part of the country culture. The family can help you and correct your English, give you some tips about places to visit and in exchange you can cook meals from your country and teach them your language … But I reckon the most amazing thing is the link you make with them, you could be sure to keep in touch in the future and to have your own family abroad !
    The most difficult part of this year in Australia wasn’t to leave France… but was when I left Australia !

    Lucille xx

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    Jennet Thomas

    London Uk

    It was always my dream to travel and Australia had always been top of the places I wanted to visit! After qualifying as a Primary School Teacher, the dream seemed to be getting further away and before I knew it I had been teaching for three years and I wasn’t getting any younger.

    I had to make the important choice- get a mortgage or travel. My heart overruled my head and I took the plunge… My Aussie dream wasn’t so far away now! I wrote a list of everywhere I wanted to visit in Oz and that’s when the realisation of how big this amazing country is really dawned on me.

    After a video call with my prospectus au pair family, I automatically knew this opportunity was the right choice for me. Not only did I get to live my dream of being in Sydney Australia for 6 months, I got paid for it and most importantly could do what I love doing most- working with children! These were just a couple of the perks; I saw the real Aussie way of life, I joined the most wonderful Australian family and made the most incredible memories that I still relive now- 3 years on!

    Although I had read the responsibilities of being an au pair, I wasn’t entirely sure what this job role entailed before arriving in Australia but I loved it from the minute my au pair family collected me from Sydney Central Station. Taking the children to and from school, cooking dinner, helping with homework, going on fun excursions (Taronga Zoo, the beach, swimming, Luna Park to name just a few!) and going on family holidays were just a few of the activities I did!

    Being an au pair was perfect for meeting other people; I met up with other au pairs and arranged play dates; and met parents at the school who also became great friends. During the day, while the children were at school, I would meet up with friends or fellow au pairs and explore Sydney or just chill on the beach- worlds apart from the chaotic life I had left back home in England!

    After completing my 6 month au pair role, I spent three more months travelling Australia with different friends I had met during my time in Sydney. The weather, the beaches and the people made me fall more and more in love with Oz the longer I was there. Snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef, doing a 14,000ft skydive, swimming with dolphins in the ocean, driving through the outback and watching crocodiles jump 5 meters in the air after bait were just a few of the incredible Aussie moments I was lucky enough to experience!

    Without a doubt being an au pair and travelling around Australia was by far the best thing I have ever done and I can’t wait to return to Australia in the not so distant future!

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  • Au Pair

    Luca Geng


    “My name is Luka – I live on the second floor ….”
    some of your parents surely know this song of famous Susan Wega!
    My name is Luca and I live and grew up in Germany.

    One day after I finished school, I luckily had the chance to pack my things and stay as an au pair girl in Sydney, Australia. To be honest, I was nervous, but once I was approved for a nice Australian family I got my visa, bought my tickets, and … arrived in Sydney.

    I fortunately found the perfect family! It was so familiar to stay with them, that I started to feel like a very good friend, at the end even felt like being an member of the family. I could participate in all their activities, drove the kids to school, played with them and brought them to bed.

    There was plenty of time to meet other girls and even to have a trip around Australia, which was an amazing experience. Big surprise was I could meet my boyfriend from time to time, who stayed for work and travel during the same time.

    Now that I am back home, I miss Australia and my “Aussie” family. However, it’s good to know that my younger sister is ready to start her au pair time, and have a guess, where she will go to 😉

    Don’t hesitate to start your adventure!


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    Maria Jose


    My au pair experience started when I decided to go to Australia. I have a thing about big cities, sunlight and beaches, so from the very beginning I was sure that I was making the right choice. It was my first time going away to a foreign country all by myself, and even though I knew that was going to be the time of my life, I also realised that the bond with my family was stronger than I thought. That’s when the whole idea of being an au pair came out, it was the perfect way to experience life in another country without feeling alone.
    Being an au pair let me have the best of both worlds, having a warm and caring family, and at the same time having time to explore the country, make lifelong friends and enjoy Sydney, as a local and as a tourist. Now, after the whole experience, I can say that I’m more independent and responsible and I’m willing to see what the world has to offer. The world is too big to stay in one place and life is too short to do just one thing.

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